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Technology and IT Solutions Focused On Long Term Care Not Short Term Fixes

What happens when BAD TECHNOLOGY  affects your business

Business Disruption

Business operates on Technology. If IT isn’t managed to prevent problems and keep you safe, an increase in downtime can bring your business to a grinding halt. Or worse. This affects every part of your business – revenue and operations. If you can’t bring new business or serve your existing customers, you don’t have a business.

Brand Damage

If Bad IT goes unchecked for too long or too often, customer satisfaction, along with the long term reputation of your brand, could suffer. This makes it harder and more expensive to get new business, moving you backward instead of forward.

Productivity Loss & Employee Turnover

When technology is chronically frustrating instead of productive, the business loses in two ways: the productivity loss at face value, and the cost of employee turnover due to that frustration. In either case, an expensive yet preventable issue.

You’ve worked too hard to let this happen to your business

A reactive approach to technology can hurt employee productivity, impact revenue, and even leave you open to business-ending security breaches. At MacServ, we provide strategic, long term IT care so leaders can have confidence in their critical business systems.

How MacServ Guides You

Technology is foundational to your operational success and we believe it’s neither practical or acceptable to take a reactive approach to IT management.


Here are a few ways we make sure you get more value from your technology.

Long Term Care

The last thing you need are quick fixes that result in problems down the road. We solve IT problems with the long term in mind, putting wind at your back so your business runs smoother and longer.

A Proactive Approach

We don’t wait for your technology to break before we fix it. Our flat-fee, proactive service model means our interests are the same – making sure your technology is available and useful day in and day out.

Clear & Consistent Communication

When you need help from a friendly human, you’ll always have a lifeline. And having regular, strategic conversations with a trusted tech advisor means you’ll have the expertise at hand to make the best strategic decisions.
Here’s How We Do It:

1. Examine Your Objectives

We start with a deep dive into your business objectives and determine what technology will help you operate more efficently.

2. Audit Your Technology & Security Posture

Next we will examine your existing technology and security postures and create a playbook that puts you on a path to success.

3. Proactive Ownership

Lastly we take proactive ownership of the maintenance, uptime, and strategies of your entire technology department.

You shouldn’t have to put up with annoying, disruptive, or dangerous technology problems for another minute.

 Schedule a discovery call with MacServ so you can be confident that your technology will work as expected, when you need it.

Just A Few Ways MacServ Can Help Your Business

Increase Employee Productivity

Productive employees produce better results and move the mission of your business forward faster and more effectively.

Long Term Care

Quick fixes esult in bigger headaches down the road. We take a long term approach which protects you now and in the future.

Focused On Your Business

Where are you headed? We focus on your business objectives and provide technology solutions that will get you there.

Quarterly Business Reviews

We listen to you, present performance reports, re-align with your goals, and advise you on strategic issues.

What Others Are Saying About MacServ
Best MAC service ever!  
rallan3707,    Haddon Township   

I've used MacServe for many years. They supported our network at my company and have provided the best advice and service I've received. My most recent service was extraordinary. I can't say enough good things about this company. If you have 1 Mac or 20 Macs, this company can handle your service. Use them. It's better than being frustrated by trying to fix things yourself or even hiring an IT professional. Thanks, Sam for everything you've done.

Great service!  
KEM Audubon,    NJ   

Rick was great to work with! Very professional and kept me updated with the progress of backing up my hard drive and anything that came up. He was able to backup all the data for me and even gave me tips on how to sell my old computer.

More than ever, you rely on technology to run your company every day, and it should just work. Sadly, too many small businesses experience frequent technology problems, from small annoyances to major interruptions. At the end of the day, this hurts employee productivity and morale and can even impact revenue. When these problems become chronic, it’s a sure sign that IT is operating in reactive mode.


At MacServ, we know that your technology is foundational to your operational success and we believe it’s neither practical or acceptable to take a reactive approach to IT management. That’s why we partner with our clients to provide strategic, long-term care, not just short-term repair. In fact, we’ve helped hundreds of happy businesses in the Greater Philadelphia area get more value from their technology – Macs and PCs – since 1997. And in late 2021, we expanded our service footprint into the Tampa, FL region.


You shouldn’t have to put up with annoying or disruptive technology problems for another minute. Schedule a discovery call with MacServ so you can be confident that your technology will work as expected, when you need it.

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