Running a business is already hard, especially during these trying times. Technology shouldn’t make it harder…

It was already challenging to run a successful small business, then Coronavirus hit and all bets were off. We know that the last thing you want to worry about is technology while your staff is working from home. You stress about making the right choices, staying ahead of the curve, and keeping it all running.

You might be asking yourself…

• Is my work-from-home staff staying productive during quarantine, or are our tools getting in their way?

• Am I keeping the right balance between cutting edge and cutting costs?

• Do I have a trusted IT partner who knows my business and my needs better than I know them myself?

• Am I confident that buying decisions are being made for the right reasons, and systems are running so well that I don’t have to think about them?

• Can I make some changes related to tech so my business can come out of the current quarantine stronger than when it went in?

If you’ve asked these questions, either out loud or subconsciously, we are here to  help. As we’ve done for our other clients, we can guide you in the process of making smart, educated decisions about technology in your business so you can focus on the parts that matter to you. We have a simple 3-step process to get you on the right path.

3 Step Process

  1. Macserv spends time with your and your team learning about your business details, workflows, expectations, and pain points.
  2. We prepare a detailed technology plan for your current needs as well as future business growth and compatibility.
  3. We deploy and implement your solutions and provide ongoing support, maintenance, and proactive guidance when needs arise.

Virtual CIO
If you could transform your business’s IT usage from an ever-creeping cost into a profit center (based on long-term strategy and continuous workflow analysis), you’d do it. But due to company size, you can’t justify carrying the cost of a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO).
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Bust a Move (from PCs to Macs)
Macserv IT is a (technical!) “marriage counselor” for business owners thinking about ending their longtime relationship with PCs (and finding love anew with Macs). Before you select china patterns and plan the honeymoon, ensure that switching from a PC environment to the Mac platform is a match made in IT heaven.
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The Love Is Gone (w/ Your IT Help)
Relying on one employee for your IT needs or a tech firm that invoices you every time you call is a headache-inducing strategy. That’s a lot of misery to endure—and you’re paying for it! Your in-house IT support is most likely an overworked individual with overlapping responsibilities and mixed alliances among your staff.
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IT Rescue
We all rely on technology to run our activities of daily business. But what to do when your technology throws a temper tantrum unresolvable by flipping the power switch? You need that problem child reined in and working properly—now. Fortunately, Macserv IT knows how to dispense the appropriate discipline.
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