BiosSam Bergin, Founder and CEO of Macserv IT, admits he doesn’t know everything, but he knows where to go to find answers. Before the Mac world swallowed him whole, his earliest memories of being “touched by a computer” involved the Commodore 64 and the TRS-80. But then in high school, he learned to program in BASIC on … an Apple IIe.

In the mid-1980s, Sam was introduced to his very first Macintosh computer—the first “personal” computer with a graphic user interface. He was hooked. His taste for Apples that “get out of his way” by letting him work efficiently grew from there…

Sam oversees Macserv IT’s administrative function, but he loves to tinker and figure out how to help clients run their businesses more effectively. He’s hands-on when testing and implementing technology-related tools that simplify and automate business workflows.

A devoted techie with an insatiable need to know the “how” and “why,” Sam attends industry events such as MacTech Conference and IT Nation. His Mac knowledge is constantly evolving. Sam enjoys meeting with clients to discuss big-picture business strategies along with technology.

Sam has been Mac server-certified on all versions of OS X since 2001. He’s also a longtime member (since 1999) of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN), and has served on its advisory board.

The ACN is kind of a “cool-kids’ club” for Mac consulting firms that meet Apple’s high training standards and other criteria of excellence. As an ACN member, Sam has access to over 1,000 like-minded Apple peers. The organization is one of his Yoda-like touchstones when seeking additional Mac-related wisdom.

As a business owner, one of Sam’s top priorities is open communication. You will never experience the uncomfortable feeling that he’s pulling you into a “technobabble” square dance, do-si-do-ing around your actual needs. He loathes being talked down to, which is why Sam avoids using technical jargon.

An enthusiast of Star Trek and Star Wars movies, just don’t ask Sam to favor one hero (like Superman) over another (like Iron Man). If ever you wish to visit an unofficial Macintosh museum, Sam will connect you with Rick K., one of Macserv’s engineers. His personal and Macserv families come first, especially when gatherings involve go-kart racing or home-improvement projects. Sam resides in Mullica Hill, NJ, with his wife, children, and a whole lot of Apple toys.

All Macserv IT engineers are Apple Certified Support Professionals (ASCP). Other certifications and areas of expertise include:

  • Color matching
  • Prepress, printing, binding, & finishing
Graphic Design and Digital Media
  • Adobe Suite, QuarkXpress, Maya 3D

Certifications and Accreditations


I love MacSERV !!  

I've worked with MacSERV for several years. Their expertise is terrific! If they come on-site or work remotely... my projects always work out perfectly.They are a pleasure to work with and very professional in every way!

Happy Artist    New Jersey   
Great service!  

Rick was great to work with! Very professional and kept me updated with the progress of backing up my hard drive and anything that came up. He was able to backup all the data for me and even gave me tips on how to sell my old computer.

KEM    Audubon, NJ   

Written by AgencyIT From Philadelphia, PA
For almost 2 years now MacSERV has been providing IT support for our ad agency of 25+ desktop and laptop users as well as for our network, servers and wireless needs. It’s rare (and extremely comforting) to find a group that is knowledgeable, dependable, responsive, resourceful, easy-to-work with, efficient, and has good communication. Whether it’s brand new technology, older equipment, or fussy software — they keep it all working in harmony. They make my job easier and our business stronger — it’s a great relationship.

AgencyIT    Philadelphia, PA   
WE LOVE MACSERV- enough said.  

Thank you to the crew at Macserv. As a small business owner, minding my computer system, software and hardware is not a duty I want to or have the skill to handle. Macserv is an amazing, dependable, affordable company partner who takes care of my every concern. ( and they are just really nice guys too). So they have my highest recommendation. This includes my desktops, server, assorted laptops etc etc.

Eventplanner130    Philadelphia, PA   
Great service!  

Rick was great to work with! Very professional and kept me updated with the progress of backing up my hard drive and anything that came up. He was able to backup all the data for me and even gave me tips on how to sell my old computer.

KEM Audubon,    NJ   
Jack of All Trades  

These guys know it all. They helped build and install a unique RAID server system that was sensitive to our company's needs. They configured our collection of 15 desktop computers. And as if that wasn't enough, they even did with some electrical work on our office suite, which was very badly needed. Expert at diagnosing issues and prescribing solutions. Will definitely call on them again.

ReelGuy    Philadelphia, PA   
Excellent service; very knowledgeable consultants  

MacSERV recently handled upgrades to our school server and 40 client machines. They were also responsible for installing a back-up server, updating all wireless connectivity and providing technical support to the network administrator on the newly upgraded Mountain Lion Server. They were extremely efficient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. MacSERV is a very professional and well-rounded organization. Along with the above items, they advised us on purchasing the additional equipment and upgrades that were necessary. We look forward to working with the MacSERV team in the future and highly recommend them for any service issues.

Netadmin    Cinnaminson, NJ   
MacServ has become a member of my staff  

For almost ten years MacServ has been a stable, consistent and reliable consultant and support tech to our company. MacServ has helped us with multiple generations of Apple servers and desktops. More recently, MacServ helped us enter the new phase of mobile computing with iPhone and iPad deployment for our staff. Without any hesitation I highly recommend MacServ to anyone, business or home consumers.

barrymac    Philadelphia, PA   
MacServ is the best in Philly  

Sam Bergin and his team at MacServ have been our office's IT consultant for many years and they consistently deliver tremendous service. Sam is extremely responsive, fast, thorough and extremely friendly. He truly is like a colleague to us and he's always up on the latest technology Apple and otherwise. He even recommended a cordless phone that would work best with my home wifi network - he's that thorough. I highly recommend MacServ!

JHPointon    Philadelphia, PA   
They listened to my needs and then solved them!  

I now have an IT department. As my company grew, adhesive tape and band aides were no longer a way to keep my growing network running. Sam and his team have my network humming and any problems are handled so quickly, that I don't have time to get upset. MacServ is worth every penny.

Rex    New Jersey   
Best MAC service ever!  

I've used MacServe for many years. They supported our network at my company and have provided the best advice and service I've received. My most recent service was extraordinary. I can't say enough good things about this company. If you have 1 Mac or 20 Macs, this company can handle your service. Use them. It's better than being frustrated by trying to fix things yourself or even hiring an IT professional. Thanks, Sam for everything you've done.

rallan3707,    Haddon Township   

I run a small documentary film company and have been having network related issues from before I worked here full time - about 1.5 years. We finally decided enough was enough and called MacServe, a company we had successfully worked with before on the installation of an archival storage server. I could not be more pleased with this most recent engagement. We had a list of issues, the sources of which were quickly identified and resolved. Why does it seem like such a miracle when this happens? But it did and we're all very happy. Besides troubleshooting and fixing, MacServ also made a number of simple and cost effective recommendations we could implement to streamline our operations. This was money very well spent and will help us to be much more efficient as we head into a grueling schedule in the next few months.

hmp    Philadelphia, PA