Case Studies

Case Study #1: We Helped a Client “Move It On Over” Without Delay

CaseStudiesIndustry: Advertising Agency
Number of Employees: 30

Problem: Macserv’s clients appreciate IT swiftness. One particular client transformed that expectation into an Olympic sport for us! Presented with our client’s aggressive goal of moving on a Thursday and being fully functional by Monday morning, Macserv fielded an extra challenge: the company decided to jettison its existing IT infrastructure. So that meant…

Solution: …we created the new servers, migrated all of the employees’ email accounts, and put our client back on the computing grid in their new digs quickly enough to minimize downtime. And we did it by the next day, Friday afternoon. It doesn’t get any faster than that.

Our client’s leadership told us that of all the businesses they hired to assist them with the move—Internet service, phone service, moving company, commercial painters—Macserv IT was the only one to deliver on time. One senior vice president said, “You did exactly what you said you would do.”

Had our client remained unproductive for consecutive days, the estimated price tag associated with that lost time would have been up to $25,000 a day. We feel like we swept the gold, silver, and bronze medals here…

Case Study #2: Macserv’s Virtual IT Executive to the Rescue!

Industry: Public Relations Firm
Number of Employees: 50

Problem: We understand the anguish of wondering whether an in-house IT person is doing right by your company. The owners of a PR agency in Pennsylvania no longer trusted their IT employee for several reasons. One, his recommendations indicated a lack of concern regarding budget. Two, in lieu of a remote backup system, he intermittently saved the company’s data to a hard drive and stored it in a safety deposit box at a local bank—when he had the time. Three, the IT person and the CFO didn’t agree on suggested hardware and software purchases.

Solution: We met with the company’s owners to discuss IT support-and-development options. But first we helped them overcome their fear that the lack of a “warm IT body” on the premises would delay resolving technology issues in real time. Macserv prepared a custom Managed Services package that included a new server, network, and replacement of obsolete, under-producing computers.

Our client’s employees now work more efficiently and effectively. The company has access to Macserv’s team of IT experts (instead of one person) regarding technical questions and strategic recommendations. Even better, this client’s “virtual IT” budget is on par with the IT tech’s salary (minus the costly health benefits). The company’s data is now backed up, both on-site and off-site. When the owners want physical face time, Macserv IT visits them. When they have a quick question, Macserv’s Virtual IT service is real, and really convenient!

Case Study #3: Remote Monitoring Uncovered an Employee’s Internet Indiscretion…

Industry: Spices Manufacturer
Number of Employees: 40

Problem: A slow Internet connection at work is the biggest drag of all. Not only did this client’s employees equate uploading large PDF files to using an AOL dial-up modem, their sales executives were desperate for reliable remote access on the road.

We assured the company’s owners a custom Managed Services package would improve Internet speed and provide their traveling “spice warriors” with all the technology necessary for successful sales presentations.

Solution: Macserv’s Managed Services plan did much more than boost this client’s Internet speed and increase their sales staff’s productivity. After we enabled a cloud-managed firewall as part of the server configuration, the first weekly usage report revealed an isolated case of serious Internet misuse. An employee was spending huge chunks of the workday streaming (non-spice related) movies via our client’s Wi-Fi—four to seven hours, DAILY.

Based on a detailed report produced by our next-generation network hardware, we identified the culprit as an on-site employee. With evidence in hand (minus the popcorn and jumbo-size drink), our client took disciplinary action against the “time thief.” You don’t mess with the power of Macserv IT’s remote monitoring…

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I run a small documentary film company and have been having network related issues from before I worked here full time - about 1.5 years. We finally decided enough was enough and called MacServe, a company we had successfully worked with before on the installation of an archival storage server. I could not be more pleased with this most recent engagement. We had a list of issues, the sources of which were quickly identified and resolved. Why does it seem like such a miracle when this happens? But it did and we're all very happy. Besides troubleshooting and fixing, MacServ also made a number of simple and cost effective recommendations we could implement to streamline our operations. This was money very well spent and will help us to be much more efficient as we head into a grueling schedule in the next few months.

hmp    Philadelphia, PA   
MacServ has become a member of my staff  

For almost ten years MacServ has been a stable, consistent and reliable consultant and support tech to our company. MacServ has helped us with multiple generations of Apple servers and desktops. More recently, MacServ helped us enter the new phase of mobile computing with iPhone and iPad deployment for our staff. Without any hesitation I highly recommend MacServ to anyone, business or home consumers.

barrymac    Philadelphia, PA   
Great service!  

Rick was great to work with! Very professional and kept me updated with the progress of backing up my hard drive and anything that came up. He was able to backup all the data for me and even gave me tips on how to sell my old computer.

KEM    Audubon, NJ   
Jack of All Trades  

These guys know it all. They helped build and install a unique RAID server system that was sensitive to our company's needs. They configured our collection of 15 desktop computers. And as if that wasn't enough, they even did with some electrical work on our office suite, which was very badly needed. Expert at diagnosing issues and prescribing solutions. Will definitely call on them again.

ReelGuy    Philadelphia, PA   
MacServ is the best in Philly  

Sam Bergin and his team at MacServ have been our office's IT consultant for many years and they consistently deliver tremendous service. Sam is extremely responsive, fast, thorough and extremely friendly. He truly is like a colleague to us and he's always up on the latest technology Apple and otherwise. He even recommended a cordless phone that would work best with my home wifi network - he's that thorough. I highly recommend MacServ!

JHPointon    Philadelphia, PA   
WE LOVE MACSERV- enough said.  

Thank you to the crew at Macserv. As a small business owner, minding my computer system, software and hardware is not a duty I want to or have the skill to handle. Macserv is an amazing, dependable, affordable company partner who takes care of my every concern. ( and they are just really nice guys too). So they have my highest recommendation. This includes my desktops, server, assorted laptops etc etc.

Eventplanner130    Philadelphia, PA   
Great service!  

Rick was great to work with! Very professional and kept me updated with the progress of backing up my hard drive and anything that came up. He was able to backup all the data for me and even gave me tips on how to sell my old computer.

KEM Audubon,    NJ   
Excellent service; very knowledgeable consultants  

MacSERV recently handled upgrades to our school server and 40 client machines. They were also responsible for installing a back-up server, updating all wireless connectivity and providing technical support to the network administrator on the newly upgraded Mountain Lion Server. They were extremely efficient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. MacSERV is a very professional and well-rounded organization. Along with the above items, they advised us on purchasing the additional equipment and upgrades that were necessary. We look forward to working with the MacSERV team in the future and highly recommend them for any service issues.

Netadmin    Cinnaminson, NJ   
Best MAC service ever!  

I've used MacServe for many years. They supported our network at my company and have provided the best advice and service I've received. My most recent service was extraordinary. I can't say enough good things about this company. If you have 1 Mac or 20 Macs, this company can handle your service. Use them. It's better than being frustrated by trying to fix things yourself or even hiring an IT professional. Thanks, Sam for everything you've done.

rallan3707,    Haddon Township   

Written by AgencyIT From Philadelphia, PA
For almost 2 years now MacSERV has been providing IT support for our ad agency of 25+ desktop and laptop users as well as for our network, servers and wireless needs. It’s rare (and extremely comforting) to find a group that is knowledgeable, dependable, responsive, resourceful, easy-to-work with, efficient, and has good communication. Whether it’s brand new technology, older equipment, or fussy software — they keep it all working in harmony. They make my job easier and our business stronger — it’s a great relationship.

AgencyIT    Philadelphia, PA   
They listened to my needs and then solved them!  

I now have an IT department. As my company grew, adhesive tape and band aides were no longer a way to keep my growing network running. Sam and his team have my network humming and any problems are handled so quickly, that I don't have time to get upset. MacServ is worth every penny.

Rex    New Jersey   
I love MacSERV !!  

I've worked with MacSERV for several years. Their expertise is terrific! If they come on-site or work remotely... my projects always work out perfectly.They are a pleasure to work with and very professional in every way!

Happy Artist    New Jersey